A fresh look: landscape, art and architecture of FVG

19 maggio 2017 - Patrimonio culturale, Produzione ed interpretazione iconica
A fresh look: landscape, art and architecture of FVG

Marion Cloarec, France
Jingyang Gao, China
Ya-Ling Hsiao, Taiwan
Mona Sefen, Germany
Wassachol Sirichanthanun, Thailand
Laboratorio del corso di Eurocompetence II

Follow our trips in Friuli, you would have a glimpse of the perpetually snowy Giulie and Carnic Alps, idyllic grapevine-filled plains, or just what we see on the top of a mountain or at an end of the sea.
You don’t have to recognise whether it is a Roman, Venetian, or Langobard architecture in our pictures. Just enjoy the ancient, quaint, splendid, or colourful atmosphere they bring to you.
Art in Friuli is not only a mural in a church, a masterpiece in a gallery, or a culture relic in a Roman heritage site; it is also a simple but appealing painting on the street you pass by, a jazz night in a pub, or an artistic installation whose meaning you might never know.

  • The church looked very simple, like it needed to be built quickly, in a rush of history. Marion (Udine)
  • Between heat and breeze. Between thoughts and emotions. Piazza della Liberta is the place. Fon (Udine)
  • The dim streetlight, whispering juvenile and the medieval buildings draw out the peaceful evening. Yaling (Cividale)
  • Perhaps you’re like me to sort Devil’s Bridge into the typical Unesco heritage, but the bridge becomes so different after knowing the story behind it. Yaling (Cividale)
  • This very beautiful, but not pompous church was surrounded by regular houses and, on the other side, the beautiful panorama of Cividale. It made me wonder how people used to live in the historic town and of the impact of religion(s) on peoples’ lives, past and present. Mona
  • The square of Udine castle and its statues, clearly marked by the passing of time, are probably one of the most photographed places in Udine. But what have their eyes seen throughout the years? How have different governments and people changed Udine? Mona
  • Despite everyone telling me “nothing is happening in Udine”, it was my first concert of jazz. Marion
  • The hundred-year mosaic art not only carves the faith to God, but tells the Roman glory. Yaling (Grado)
  • Grado, known commonly as l’Isola delle Sole, becomes l’Isola delle Donne for one week each year. This sculpture celebrates the International Women's Day. The way it was standing in the light of the setting sun was pure elegance. Thomas Jespers
  • The mountains and the sea - one a barrier, one a pathway? Lena Berndes (Grado)
  • The weather is maybe the clearest indicator that Friuli is not like the Italy foreigners typically picture, and it surprised me very much the first day - I caught a cold immediately. The mountains show us that we are closer to Austria and Slovenia than to Rome and Naples. Mona (Udine)
  • When you stand on the hill, you’ll just realize how charming the city you’re used to living in. Olivia Häse (Udine)
  • Empty street on Easter Sunday - what are people doing now? Marion (Marano Lagunare)
  • People enjoying the first sunbeam in this iconic place of Trieste - just like I did. Marion
  • Vineyards structure the Friulian bright green countryside in a unique manner. Marion (Buttrio)
  • The light that day was incredible - just like the wave of stormy clouds coming straight from the mountains. Marion (Marano Lagunare )
  • Stone rivers are so unusual to me, just as the color of the water - I did not expect to see that. It is one of the strangest geological thing I’ve seen in my life and I still don’t understand it. Marion (Pinzano Al Tagliamento)
  • I was amazed to see the sea and the snowy mountain at the same time. Marion (Grado)
  • On my first day in Udine, I was not only surprised by the cold Bora, but also by the name of this square and the bilingual street sign, that hints at the uniqueness and rich history of FVG: “Piazzale della Patria del Friuli”. Mona (Udine)
  • The rain makes Udine special and clashes with our a prior image of Italy, it makes the city a fresh, breathing and green one. Marion (Udine)

Wanderer’s Glimpse is part of the bigger project called“La RicercaVisuale 2.0 in FVG”, a project on visual research about Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
Our aim is not to promote the region by showing what people want to see but what we felt as worse presenting you : a bottom up vision of Friuli Venezia-Gulia. Therefore, it seemed necessary to us to involve as many as possible other wanderers arriving to the region. With the hashtag #Wanderersglimpse, you are invited to share your pictures of the region through instagam or facebook.
The photos shown in “Wanderer’s glimpse” were collected from students from different departments, countries and backgrounds. They provide a new perspective on the region as they enhances the way in which FVG is perceived by outsiders and therefore challenges how locals see their homeland. With those pictures, we want to show a new point of view on the region, an ingenuous, refreshing and genuine one. We want to express, through pictures, how we feel here and show what is representative of the region to us. The photos provide a new perspective on the region as they enhances the way in which FVG is perceived by outsiders and therefore challenges how locals see their homeland.

Eurocompetence II
Euroculture is a two-year, multi-university master programme focused on the study of modern European society, culture and politics in a global context. We focus on questions of cultural identities and social values that play a vital role in today’s debates about Europe and its place in the world.
The main focus of Eurocompetence II is on developing a specific ‘Euroculture’ competence of inter- and transcultural communication. This is done by means of working on European cultural project management and the study of group-dynamics. For this part of the programme students are required to set up and conduct a cultural project of their own … and this is our students’ final project!

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